BIBLIOSPHERE - Design of the Library, student‘s service center and flexible administrative building for the University Duisburg- Essen, Campus Essen (GER)

client: BLB NRW Niederlassung Duisburg

(Invited competition, 2009)

GFA: approx. 48.000 m2

The intention of the design is to create a place, where city and university are woven together. An open, ecological and vivid building complex is the result, with the Bibliosphere as a distinguished signature architecture. The building‘s design clearly differs from its surroundings and becomes a unique city- and landmark.

The building is in constant dialogue with its context, it‘s welcoming and presents a new face of the university towards the city. Transparent, light and naturally ventilated spaces create a healthy environment for all visitors.

The facade of the sphere is orientated to the city and is planned to become an energyfacade covering several functions. Natural ventilation and lighting of the reading rooms, solar energy, view to the cityscape, generosity of the main hall and climate control.

Through the improvement of worldwide ecology standards, the use of renewable energy ressources and avoiding fossil fuels this building complex becomes a one-of-a-kind building in green building design. A certification through the German Sustainable Building Council with the highest standard (Gold) is the project‘s aim.

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