Innovative underground system: model project at Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig

In the neighborhood on Lößniger Straße, trash will soon be collected underground: Thanks to an underground garbage can system (UFBS), trash cans will disappear from the cityscape here - made possible by a council resolution.

In the development of sustainable urban neighborhoods, waste disposal is one of the central issues. With the underfloor bin system (UFBS), trash cans in front of the door and bulky waste garbage cans are a thing of the past in the new residential quarter at Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig. Together with our building contractor BUWOG, we are implementing a new and progressive solution as part of a team of specialist planners and project participants in the master planning of the newly emerging Lößniger Straße urban quarter in Leipzig as a pilot and model project for the city of Leipzig. The trash bins hidden in the ground are accessible and usable without barriers, create a neat appearance, reduce noise during disposal, reduce odor and take up little space in the urban area. At the same time, emptying the bins becomes more efficient, as the time spent by the garbage truck is reduced and more volume is collected with one emptying. This saves CO2 emissions and significantly reduces the noise and traffic pollution caused by refuse collection vehicles - a sustainable form of waste disposal.

This model test is possible after the council meeting decided in May 2021, following a draft resolution of the Department for Environment, Climate, Order and Sport, to allow underfloor systems in Leipzig in addition to conventional waste collection - for example with trash cans. Eva Weiß, Managing Director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH: "We are pleased to be able to implement the city's objectives in a model project at Bayerischer Bahnhof with the first underfloor system in Leipzig. Innovative and sustainable waste disposal that saves space while reducing CO2 and collection traffic is a win-win for everyone."

The urban quarter on Lößniger Straße will start in 2022: A residential quarter with around 1,300 apartments with 1 to 4 rooms, 30 percent of which are rent-controlled rental apartments, will be built here.

We are pleased to be taking this important step for the newly emerging Lößniger Strasse urban district together with the city of Leipzig and our developer BUWOG!

City quarter Lößniger Straße in Leipzig, Germany.