New year, new projects!

Master planning of the urban quarter Lößniger Straße in Leipzig

In Leipzig we are currently working on the master planning for two subareas of the urban development Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig. The inner-city planning area to be developed for the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof project is located in the southern suburbs and centre-southeast of Leipzig, on the western side of the railway trough to the city tunnel, between Kohlenstrasse, Lößniger Strasse and Kurt-Eisner-Strasse. Along Lößniger Straße fragments of a closed residential area can be found. To the east, the planning area is bordered by brownfield, which is being developed as a district park with a total area of approximately 8 ha.

The urban space Bayerischer Bahnhof was planned in 2011 within the framework of an urban planning competition with the development goal of a new, sustainable urban and landscape area. The urban planning objective is the development of a new urban quarter in continuation and further development of the structure of the inner southern suburb with a mix of residential, service and residential-compatible commercial uses with a compact building density typical of the city centre.

A small-scale mixture will create a liveable and innovative urban quarter. Different forms of housing will create a wide range of housing for different population groups. A diverse and flexible mix of uses will enable the urban character of the quarter. Small-scale retail, retail-related and gastronomy uses serving the planning area are to be provided for. Within the individual blocks, a mixture of residential forms will create a dynamic urban quarter.

City quarter Lößniger Straße in Leipzig, Germany.