Revitalisation of an existing building into a modern residential complex in Frankfurt-Niederrad

The revitalisation of a vacant, former residential home from 1970 on Goldsteinstrasse in Frankfurt-Niederrad has started.

With this construction project, around 137 apartments with a living space of around 3,130 m² will be built by the middle of 2020. The residential units are between 19 and 49 m². An energyrelated renovation and modernisation as a KfW Efficiency House 70 will improve the energy balance and significantly reduce energy costs. The red building façade and the monochrome components form an address and create an urban and architectural identity point. By unsealing areas and simultaneously greening them, a balance is created between rainfall intake and drainage and evaporation.

The small apartments are located south of the river Main. The property is optimally connected to the existing local transport system, the international airport Frankfurt am Main as well as to the Frankfurt city centre. The S-Bahn station is only a few minutes' walk away. From here there is a fast connection to Frankfurt city centre and the international airport Frankfurt am Main. The property is also located within close proximity of the A5 highway and the Frankfurter Kreuz junction. Future residents will also have access to a car sharing service.