The car-free quarter Ibena Green Campus in Bocholt takes shape

The start of construction for the new quarter is planned for the middle of next year.

At the most recent meeting of "Kubaai" (stands for Kulturquartier Bocholter Aa and Industriestraße), Bocholt's head of the municipal planning and building control office Daniel Zöhler reported the progress of the project. The main topic was the ongoing coordination between the administration, Stadtquartiere Bocholt GmbH (SQB) and List Gruppe (investor) on the development of the "green campus".

The construction sites between the former textile factory and the headquarters of the Ibena company will be developed into an urban quarter.

On behalf of the List Gruppe, we have further planned the designs of the urban properties. A few views of the planning progress show what this new urban quarter will look like. The steering group has now commissioned the administration and the SQB to carry out further coordination with the List Gruppe and its planning offices on this basis.

Development time 2 years

At the meeting, the political representatives once again made it clear that the design quality required in Kubaai was to be further ensured and that the mix of uses with social housing and day-care facilities should be implemented. The current schedule foresees the conclusion of the design contract between the city, the SQB and the List Gruppe in the next six months. Construction of the first building plots is scheduled to start in mid-2020. Until the building permit and the start of construction, there will still some challenging tasks to be mastered, said Zöhler. The targeted development time of about two years since the first call for the sale of the municipal properties is already "impressively short" from this point of view.

Construction sites in the Kubaai area

Another topic in the steering group was the planned construction sites in Kubaai. Next year, construction of the LernWerk Herding education centre, the footpath and cycle path connection to the city centre with the "sunken bridge" and the renovation of the historic railway bridge are to begin. Peter Tautz, Managing Director of SQB, presented the first construction siteplan. The first section of the former railway line from the Industriestraße to the bridge must be able to be used as development for the construction sites. The disposal and service company Bocholt (ESB) will cut back the green growth in the coming days.

Playground planned

Tautz also reported that another construction site in Kubaai is planned for next year with the extension of the museum sites of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). At the same time, the planned playground between the Overberg School and the Weaving Museum is to be implemented as a joint project of Kubaai Development Planning, the Youth Welfare Office and the LWL.

In addition, the politicians and the administration agreed to accelerate the construction contracts for the LernWerk Herding by agreeing that the approval of the politicians can be obtained at short notice by flexible meeting dates of the municipal main and finance committee.

What is "Kubaai"?

The abbreviation "Kubaai" stands for "Kulturquartier Bocholt Aa und Industriestrasse" and refers to the conversion of a historic industrial wasteland into a new urban district between Bocholt city centre and Aasee lake. In addition to a focus on culture and education, living and working opportunities will be created here in the future. The million-euro project funded in the course of the Regionale 2016 is regarded as one of the most ambitious construction projects of the post-war period in Bocholt. The striking new podium bridge for the quarter was opened at the end of 2018.

Ibena Green Campus in Bocholt, Germany.