Design concept for the new entrance for the Rhine Tower, Düsseldorf, Germany

Rhine Tower, Düsseldorf, Germany


Invited architect competition, 2008

Competition organizers: IDR Düsseldorf, Germany


  • Optimization of an identification point
  • Creation of a public place


  • Targeted use of non-hazardous materials
  • Minimization of the construction
  • Avoidance of composite materials
  • Cradle-to-cradle concept


  • Short transport routes of building materials
  • Use of local materials
  • Concept with prefabricated elements
  • Flexible use of the construction for projections, lighting patterns or announcements


ca. 500 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Matthias Hemmrich, Angie Müller


The Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf represents the link between the city and the harbor area and is located directly at the Rhine promenade. The design provides a light, floating construction that conveys maritime flair. The membranes of the new construction can be used for projections, light displays or announcements. The structure, made from varnished steel and the sail fabric, will be fully recyclable. Prefabrication, low weight and simplicity will guarantee short construction time, low CO2 emissions at very low costs.

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