Offices for the Department of Urban Development and Environment, Hamburg, Germany


Invited architect competition, 2009

Competition organizers: Department of Urban Development and Environment, Hamburg, Germany


  • Equal workplace qualities for all employees
  • Upgrading the surroundings
  • Mitigation of social hotspots
  • Creation of public green areas with high quality of stay


  • Natural ventilation and illumination
  • GreenBuilding certification
  • DGNB „Gold“ certification
  • Targeted use of non-hazardous materials


  • Low primary energy demand (72% under EnEV 2007) and excellent „Carbon Footprint“ of 18,9 kg CO2/m²a (Saves over 1,700 tons of CO2 per year compared to a comparable reference building)
  • Efficient and flexible floor layout concept
  • Minimized use of resources through optimal support structure


ca. 53.000 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Ali Reza Djafarsadeh, Matthias Hemmrich, Andrzej Latos, Janine Müller


e2 Energieberatung (energyconcept), ARUP (façade, structure, MEP), dgk-architekten und ingenieure (cost control), BSCON Spitthöver Consult (fire prevention), Alexander Schmitz (visualization), Dörre (model)

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