Ecologically living at Dreisbach-Park

Netphen Dreis-Tiefenbach, Germany


Commission to create a master plan

Feasibility study, 2010


  • Creation of publicly accessible green areas
  • Accessibility according to DIN 18040 II
  • Multi-generational living
  • District development
  • Plaza design to support informal communication
  • Very good connection to public transport


  • Use of geothermal and photovoltaic power
  • Car-free district
  • Rain and gray water management
  • Renaturation of the Dreisbe (uncovering of the river)


  • Efficient use of the area
  • Low primary energy demand (64% under EnEV 2009) 
  • Excellent „Carbon Footprint“ of 14 kg CO2/m²a
  • High housing mix through flexible floor layouts


approx. 12.400 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Janine Müller, Anna Weistropp, Can Altinsoy


Schüßler-Plan (traffic), e2 Energieberatung (energy concept)


The residential project ”Ecological living at Dreisbach-Park“ is located near the city of Siegen, in a district of Netphen, in the center of Dreis-Tiefenbach. The aim is to develop a flexible, future-oriented residential living area that focuses on assisted living. The main users are active seniors who would like to live in a communicative environment and achieve an improvement of living quality due to the offered services. The project will also provide great living qualities to families or students, developing a vivid mixture of different generations. The heart of the design is the Dreisbach-Park, a public green space that invites to go for a walk and rest. Along the main routes are accessory service institutions, which contribute to the revival of the park, such as a park café, a library and areas for other outdoor activities. Because of its open structure the planning concept integrates itself into the structure of the urban context. Perspectives into the well-known neighborhood and within the neighborhood are possible due to the locations of the buildings. The new district is developed as a zero-energy-project. The entire required energy per year is exclusively produced by renewable energies like photovoltaics and geothermal energy.

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