Green court

Tannenbusch, Bonn, Germany


Subsidized housing

Urban review process, 2014


  • Promoting communication between people
  • Creation of public playground and shared green areas
  • Publicly dedicated walkway along the building ensemble
  • Private green spaces with a public character


  • Use of synergies in cooling and heating production
  • Use of district heating: reduction of primary energy
  • Rain and gray water management
  • DGNB „Gold“ pre-certification


  • Efficient use of the area
  • Compact structure
  • High housing mix with flexible floor layouts


ca. 5.500 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Julian Konti, Hans Peter Lüngen


WSP Deutschland AG (energy concept)


The plot is surrounded by a heterogeneous environment. A wide variety of house shapes and sizes are lined up close to each other. Overarching infrastructures connect this district with the larger centres in the north (Cologne) and south (Bonn). The design provides an ensemble that is linked to the surrounding area by a strong urban identity. This integration takes place through the arrangement of the buildings and the location of public, semi-public and private spaces. In order to interweave the surroundings with the design, the ensemble consists of two separate building elements. The eastern wing of the building encloses and closes the northeastern corner of the plot and follows the boundary of the plot. The western wing of the building closes the south-western corner of the property with its L-shape. This block edge development defines the urban edges at all four corners of the site.

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