Ecological and circular planning and building

As architects we are aware of our ecological responsibility. That is why the second "e" in greeen! architects stands for ecology. Each of our forward-looking architectural projects includes an holistic and intelligent ecological concept that creates long-lasting, energy-efficient and healthy buildings and living spaces. In our environmentally conscious construction projects we use resource-saving and sustainable materials to keep the ecological footprint of our buildings as small as possible. These sustainable materials, which include timber construction, for example, can be transferred to the natural material cycle at the end of a building's useful life and reused, re-used or recycled, in accordance with the circular economy and the Cradle to Cradle® concept. Our ecological and circular construction projects blend seamlessly and harmlessly into the natural environment and address the question of what a building can do for its users and its surroundings. As architects we would like to contribute to the long-term protection of our environment and climate and to give positive impulses for green visions and innovative projects in the real estate and construction industry - because those who plan and build sustainably invest in the future!