Our philosophy

greeen! architects – for people, the environment and our future

The main drivers of our actions are our three “e” in greeen! architects, that stand for ethical, ecological and efficient. We are always contemplating with holistic, environmental and economic perspectives that are incorporated into our visionary projects – for the people, the environment and our future.

For the people
Our daily work revolves around the human being. Ethical values are an integral part of our actions. We are committed to social fairness and compatibility of our work processes and projects. An open dialogue and interdisciplinary, transparent communication of all participants are essential to our integrated approach to work. We cultivate respect and honesty towards all planning participants and colleagues and are focused on creating social added value through inspiring and healthy architecture.

For the environment
As architects, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. In our discussions, we replace the concept of sustainability with the concept of an holistic approach, which is an essential component of our philosophy and goes far beyond our green projects. We are constantly on the lookout for alternative and environmentally friendly materials and the efficient use of resources to minimize the ecological footprint. Our aim is to plan and build so economically that resources can be reused or recycled at the end of the building's lifecycle. The continuous optimization of our work as a team is a central component of our processes. Different working groups address innovation and sustainability. In this way, practice and research strengthen each other and create important synergies in our work routine. For the health of the people and our environment.

For our future
We are actively taking part in shaping the future. We think ahead and consider future challenges now. Together with partners from research and practice, we connect ideas and develop specific interdisciplinary solutions for our projects, considering new concepts for the transformation of the energy and mobility systems for our projects. In doing so, we ensure that our activities are useful and economical both for present and future generations. For our common future.