Efficient design, construction and energy-efficient buildings

In addition to the design of an efficient building, the efficient handling of the multilayered and complex planning tasks is an important part of our holistic approach as architects. The third "e" in greeen! architects therefore stands for efficiency. Interdisciplinary, transparent communication at various levels is a precondition for increasing the process efficiency of our workflows. In doing so, it is important to bundle leading know-how, to increase it in exchange with each other and to set lasting impulses. The examination of the location as well as the efficient participation of those involved in the planning process produces sustainable projects and solutions from urban development concepts to architectural details. At the same time, it is our goal as an ecologically oriented architectural office to create an economically feasible, energy and material-efficient building that is economical in the long term over its entire life cycle and enables energy production that exceeds the building's own requirements as far as possible.