Ethical values and ethical action in architecture

Ethical values and ethical actions are an integral part of our ecological construction projects and work processes. The first "e" in greeen! architects therefore stands for ethics. As architects we have an ethical responsibility towards people, the environment and our future. As architects, we shape the quality of living and people's experience of nature. We take this responsibility very seriously by giving high priority to ethical principles and issues in our actions and building projects. In dialogue with our clients, we develop an architectural language of form that responds optimally to the needs of the users and creates a place that allows for flexible living spaces. Ethical principles such as social integration, barrier-free access, orientation and safety, but also open accessibility, flexibility, openness to the future and progressive mixed use are taken into account throughout the planning of our projects. Our aim is to create social added value by creating inspiring and healthy architecture. Our future-oriented visions and buildings always focus on people and the quality of the built environment.