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Holistic architecture and myths of wooden construction!

With Markus Gerharz (host) and Marc Böhnke (greeen! architects).

When Marc Böhnke founded greeen! architects together with Mario Reale in Düsseldorf in 2008, they both did so out of a clear conviction: they wanted to take a more holistic view of planning and building and implement sustainability much more widely and consistently than was usual at the time.

This mission is also reflected in our company name, as the three 'e's stand for 'ethical', 'ecological' and 'efficient'. Today, our office has 25 employees and our sustainable planning approaches have evolved even further over time. And clients and municipalities are now much more open to holistic designs than they were in the early years of the office.
In an interview with Markus Gerharz, Marc Böhnke takes up a position for timber as a building material, which in his opinion is exposed to many restrictions and reservations completely unjustly and often out of ignorance. The architect wants to change this and has co-founded KOALITION für HOLZBAU.
Which myths in timber construction he wants to clear up and what in his eyes is the biggest hurdle for a circular economy in construction, you can find out in the new episode of InterACT Insights, the podcast of the Rotonda Business Club.

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