88 Pearl high-rise building

Zhuhai, China


Preliminary design, 2010

Invited architect competition


  • Mixed use
  • Creation of communication zones
  • Creation of public areas with a high quality of stay


  • Wind turbines on the roof
  • Use of solar collectors
  • Rainwater utilization
  • Natural ventilation and illumination
  • Conservatories: In-house microclimate and reduction of cooling loads
  • Waste management


  • Efficient use of available energies
  • Minimization of land use
  • Intelligent building management


350.000 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Claus Centner, Janine Müller


Partner Architects: Korn Architects Ltd., Ho Chi Min City, Engineering: CSP Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City


Zhuhai is located on the southern coast of the Guangdong province in China, in the Pearl River Delta. The design has been carefully developed and has a sophisticated approach. The very elegant and slender structure gives a representative and recognizable picture from the sea, as well as from the land. The concept is designed with great respect to an ethical, ecological and efficient approach, taking good care of the local conditions and requirements. The building’s energy concept is an important part of the design. Energy collection systems for an autonomous supply of electrical power are incorporated in the design in form of wind turbines on the building‘s top and photovoltaic cells in the façades. The green power provision is completed by solar collectors for warm water supply in the façade of the hotel and the apartments. Additionally, the use of local geothermal energy serves as source for the production of heating and cooling. To reduce fresh water demand, water recycling systems and collection systems for rainwater are integrated. The building concept allows the use of natural ventilation through the various conservatories and through louvers in the office façade. The conservatories with local plants will create a microclimate that works as a filter for the adjacent rooms and improves the quality of the natural air supply through louvers.

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