The flash

Speditionstraße / Franziusstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany


Offices at Düsseldorf‘s media harbour

Investor selection process, 2017


  • The façade creates usable outdoor areas with a high quality of stay
  • Creating levels of communication across building terrace facing west
  • Equally high quality of work atmosphere for all employees
  • Office building with gastronomy at the ground floor
  • Creation of an identification point


  • Use of energetical synergy effects
  • Self-shading: high energy-saving potential and reduction of cooling loads
  • Electric circulation heater with minimal heat loss
  • Green roofs for air humidification and CO2 neutralization
  • Use of district heating: reduction of primary energy
  • Low heat load: Low heat transfer coefficient and high density of the outer shell
  • Natural ventilation and illumination


  • Efficient and flexible layout use
  • Minimization of constructive constraint points and flexible design of the floor layout
  • Intelligent building management
  • Cooperation with local specialist planners and companies


6.450 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale


BSCON Brandschutzconsult GmbH (fire prevention), Alexander Schmitz (visualization)


The design was developed as part of an investor selection process for an urban development project in the area of Speditionstraße / Franziusstraße in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen. In recent years, this area has developed into an attractive location for offices from the creative and media industries and gastronomy. At this location, a six-storey office building with gastronomy is planned, which self-confidently integrates into the heterogeneous house landscape of the harbour quarter. In the design, the façade of the building side jumps back over two floors to the intersection between Speditionstraße and Franziusstraße and forms a prominent entrance. The façades, which run diagonally to the base of the area, open the view and create a reference to the harbour basin. The frontal façade of the building towards the city is created by a three-storey setbacks in the façade: Along Speditionstraße, a large-format "city window" opens on the third, fourth and fifth floors, drawing attention from Speditionstraße to the office building. From the first floor onwards, the C-shaped building with a semi-public terrace opens onto the harbour basin and the sun setting in the west. In addition, visual connections and views are made possible.

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