The flower of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


New construction of a town hall

Invited architect competition, 2015


  • Connection between new and existing buildings
  • Creation of an identification point
  • Accessible roof area with landscape carpet
  • Preservation of historical structure


  • Preservation of historical structure
  • Energy concept: low-tech instead of high-tech
  • Minimization of operating costs through static façade


  • Use of existing building stock
  • Minimization of operating costs through static façade
  • Flexible, future-oriented layouts
  • Minimization of land use (high-rise building)


approx. 32.000 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale


HG Construction Consultant Company Limited, ARUP International (SMEP), nworkshop (visualization)


One of the main aspects of this design concept is the development of all public areas. The design of the new city hall of Ho Chi Minh City, with its functional architecture, creates a timeless building ensemble. The connection of the existing with the new buildings enhances this intention of future-oriented design and adds along with the spectacular roof construction a new quality to the urban landscape of Ho Chi Minh City. The integration of the two historic buildings is one of the main focuses. The new buildings were designed to stand out as an independent ensemble in the city and acts as a link between old and new. Throughout the investigation of several urban case studies the present design was developed: A permeable cluster of building typologies that allow transparency and permeability.

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