Urban district Lößniger Straße

Leipzig, Germany


Master planning

Start of construction 2023


  • Development of a new, sustainbable urban area
  • An innovative urban quarter will be created through small-scale mixed use
  • Development of a new urban quarter in continuation and further development of the structure of the inner southern suburb with a mix of residential, service, commercial and day-care facilities
  • Different forms of housing create a wide range of living accommodation for different population groups
  • Formation of a structural edge
  • The building contractor and the City of Leipzig have agreed that at least 30% of the floor area will be residential housing with subsidised rent and occupancy
  • Green areas for all residents


  • Development of a brownfield site
  • Access to spacious green space
  • The high points of the quarter towards the park are located in such a way that they do not restrict any important visual axis
  • Water retention
  • Only few cars in the quarter
  • Relocation and species protection
  • Energy generation
  • Green façades


  • Continuation of an urban planning competition
  • Optimization of space utilization by modifying the urban configuration
  • Diverse and flexible mix of uses
  • Early involvement of all stakeholders (citizens, city, technical planners) in the planning process


130.000 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Nina Vegelahn, Oscar Manuel Cid Escalante, Lia Polczyk


The inner-city planning area to be developed for the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof project is located in the southern suburbs and centre-southeast of Leipzig, on the western side of the railway trough to the city tunnel, between Kohlenstrasse, Lößniger Strasse and Kurt-Eisner-Strasse. Along Lößniger Straße fragments of a closed residential area can be found. To the east, the planning area is bordered by brownfield, which is being developed as a district park with a total area of approximately 8 ha.

The urban space Bayerischer Bahnhof was planned in 2011 within the framework of an urban planning competition with the development goal of a new, sustainable urban and landscape area. The urban planning objective is the development of a new urban quarter in continuation and further development of the structure of the inner southern suburb with a mix of residential, service and residential-compatible commercial uses with a compact building density typical of the city centre.

A small-scale mixture will create a liveable and innovative urban quarter. Different forms of housing will create a wide range of housing for different population groups. A diverse and flexible mix of uses will enable the urban character of the quarter. Small-scale retail, retail-related and gastronomy uses serving the planning area are to be provided for. Within the individual blocks, a mixture of residential forms will create a dynamic urban quarter.

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