The Greens

Kaistraße, Düsseldorf, Germany


A groundbreaking office building at Düsseldorf’s media harbour

Investor selection process, 2018


  • Accessible roof terraces for all users
  • Equal workplace qualities for all employees
  • Ground floor with communication areas open for the public
  • Activity offers and showers for employees


  • Self-shading: high energy-saving potential and reduction of cooling loads
  • Interior greenery, façade greenery and green roofs for humidification and CO2 neutralization
  • Natural ventilation and illumination
  • Use of synergies in cooling and heating production
  • Use of geothermal and photovoltaic power
  • Providing specific support for the use of bicycle and public transport


  • 50% of the loads are saved by wood/concrete-hybrid-construction 
  • Minimized resource consumption through wood/concrete-hybrid-construction and maximum savings
  • Flexible and future-oriented office use
  • Minimization of compulsory points
  • Automated underground parking
  • Use of prefabricated components


24.500 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale


BSCON Brandschutzconsult GmbH (fire prevention), ARUP International (SMEP), Konzept3D (visualization)

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