Offices for the Department of Urban Development and Environment, Hamburg, Germany


Invited architect competition, 2009

Competition organizers: Department of Urban Development and Environment, Hamburg, Germany


  • Equal workplace qualities for all employees
  • Upgrading the surroundings
  • Mitigation of social hotspots
  • Creation of public green areas with high quality of stay


  • Natural ventilation and illumination
  • GreenBuilding certification
  • DGNB „Gold“ certification
  • Targeted use of non-hazardous materials


  • Low primary energy demand (72% under EnEV 2007) and excellent „Carbon Footprint“ of 18,9 kg CO2/m²a
  • Efficient and flexible floor layout concept
  • Minimized use of resources through optimal support structure


ca. 53.000 m²

Design team

Marc Böhnke, Mario Reale, Ali Reza Djafarsadeh, Matthias Hemmrich, Andrzej Latos, Janine Müller


e2 Energieberatung (energyconcept), ARUP (façade, structure, MEP), dgk-architekten und ingenieure (cost control), BSCON Spitthöver Consult (fire prevention), Alexander Schmitz (visualization), Dörre (model)


The new office building for the building and environment authorities (BSU) provides several public areas next to office space for approximately 1400 employees. This includes an exhibition area, a restaurant, the traffic department, the building permit department and a library. The accessibility to the building to the public and the creation of informal meeting points are the central guiding idea of the draft. All offices are naturally ventilated and have the same room qualities. Through exceptionally low primary energy demand (72% below EnEV 2007) the building obtains an excellent carbon footprint of only 18,9 kg CO2/m²a. Furthermore, through the use of ecological and recyclable building materials and the consideration of other aspects the building aims for the Gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

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